A Most Coy Conflagration

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Does love last forever once all’s turned to rust?

Or shall it turn cold like spring fades into fall?

Will “I love you” ring untrue as if never said at all?

We’re a puzzle

With one last piece

That simply won’t fit

I’m an addict in her last days, yet the yearning won’t quit

It’s so scary how I’m barely fit to exhale your name

It kisses my lips, but never feels the same

Cruel spark, you’re my match

I’m consumed by desire

All my pining and crying can’t console this fire

It’s so desperately hot!

I can’t breathe, fight or flee

What’s happened to my pride, self dignity—to me?

I can’t tame this beast

Lord knows how I’ve tried

To pretend I don’t want you would be such a lie

And to claim that my future should not include you

Would retard, kill or scar everything that I do.

If not for this sick game of “Come seek me, I’ll hide”

I’d have died long ago

As you watched me ringside

So tell me, can I be the one you adore?

Don’t care about nice things

It’s your heart I’m here for

I will ride, I will die

I shall stay by your side

Stormy weather would be better than being denied

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Dead or alive, I can’t outrun lust.


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